Sweden, b. 1987
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Exhibition: 21-27 May

Aesthetic learning beyond the Anthropocen

In my degree project, I examine how young people’s voices in relation to the climate crisis could manifest and be strengthened by using the field of aesthetics as a way for exploration and learning. The research took place through a series of workshops in collaboration with a group of high school students where together we discussed, planned, created and explored the topics and forms of art-making most urgent and relevant to them.

My role as an artist in this project has not been to make a piece of art, but rather to set up the pedagogical space of the workshop and to be a pedagogue/teacher/mentor for the participating students in order to help them develop and fulfil their ideas. In this project, the focus hasn’t been on what was produced or created but rather what’s happening inside us and among us.

Stickfight, double exposure made of photos from the workshops

Balance on fallen tree, double exposure made of photos from the workshops

Exhibition oversight

Exhibition detail

Exhibition text detail, excerpt from essay.