Sweden, b. 1976
Exhibition: 21-27 May


My study examines different impulses and thoughts surrounding the subject of art in upper-secondary school distance education.

‘In other words, this degree project also deals with – and calls attention to – the difficulties that exist in fairly and equitably observing, understanding and evaluating students’ work in distance education, with the hope that this will by extension help the art teachers who are working remotely’*.

The design fits harmoniously into the essay. The focus is on remote working, education and evaluation that was temporarily standardised as distance education during the COVID pandemic. A sound installation that can be listened to with headphones is available to link the essay topic with the photographs.

Until now, I have only worked with high-resolution images. My motto is the bigger, the better. But after distance education intruded into our lives from out of the blue, I thought I’d respond to the challenge with a challenge.

* Distance Education in the Wake of the Covid Pandemic by Szilard Gango