Sweden, b. 1995
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Exhibition: 21-27 May

Recipe for Making

My degree project is a collaboration between me and Villiam Törngren Gonzalez from the Bachelor’s Programme in Fine Art. Our joint project comprises a three-day shared creative process that takes its starting point in materials and interaction with one another. The creation is based on our own experiences and interests. The joint project resulted in separate objects as well as documentation of the process.

The project included a focus on how different materials could function as a sort of activation for creation, as well as on how different materials can interact and create meaning in a project’s execution.

I hope that the insight into the process, along with the reading of my essay, can evoke longing, curiosity, inspiration or open up for conversation and dialogue about how a process might look and be, and about what it could mean for the individual in different learning contexts.

Participants in the study working in wood.