Sweden, b. 1995
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The Acoustics Influence

Around Sweden, there are thousands and thousands of classrooms and the majority of these adapt to the subject and whatever practice is taking place within. In my experience (both during and prior to attending Konstfack), when looking at classrooms in which art lessons are taking place, I found that the space tends to expand. During these activities, the sound and the acoustics differ from the other spaces within the school. The school is a place where we build our future generations. But the school building is also a place where young people should feel safe, where they are allowed to grow as individuals and have a space for exploration. Within the school, it is important for adults to provide the materials, possibilities and space to awaken and develop the curiosity of the students. How do the acoustics in different art classrooms sound and how do they affect the students’ well-being?