Sweden, b. 1978
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Kan halsbanden göra sig av sig själv?

Stop motion is an animation technique that can vary quite a lot and that can contain all of the different elements included in the compulsory school curriculum for art education. I want to investigate whether working with stop motion can function as an inclusive and metaphorical space that can encompass all of art education.

My degree project takes its starting point in pupils with neuropsychiatric disorders. This is a group of pupils who often have difficulties in school and who need special adaptations – adaptations that often do not provide sufficient assistance, including in art education. By an inclusive space, I mean a space for teaching in which adaptations are already built in. A space where variations in teaching can be made based on all of the pupils’ different strengths, interests and developmental needs, without having the added problem of something not working for a specific pupil.

If we can find ways to enable variation and flexibility in teaching without it meaning extra work for the teacher, and also make sure there is room for all knowledge requirements, it benefits not only pupils with difficulties, but all of the other pupils as well.

My essay will be published on Research Catalogue after graduation: www.researchcatalogue.net