Sweden, b. 1974
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Listening to an Anthill

A crowded mountain of vases, landing on earth as a spaceship. The creative process, where the hands communicate something that cannot be expressed in words, the feeling of non-knowing of existence. The artefacts definite creature, a vase and its presence, the opening can hide, but also tell a story.

The vases, like swarming ants with black holes, passages as shelters, or a way out in the wide open. A grand dissolution, a resistance that diverts the clear order. Mouths that screams out their subjective thoughts regarding being into something that no-one really knows about.

The reflective thoughts and learning without limits, roots that grow through the cracks, like embracing tentacles to the world. The lost spaceship that lands in the presence of the world’s human or non-humans. The different languages must be spoken and to be heard by the senses of nature given.

The Ants will swarm along the shape of the vase where the angles are free to be expressed in their own nature.