Sweden, b. 1985
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The gutter in-between moving panels

There’s a party this evening but Tilde is feeling too awkward.

Travelling between mediums. What are the visual narratives I use in comics? What can be told better when adapted to the movie format? Which comic elements am I unable to translate to the film format? The relationship with the reader suddenly has the limitations of time, and explorations of sound. Does the experience of diving into a different medium affect how I swim in my usual field?

With a background of 17 years’ experience as a comic artist, I explore the art of making a short movie. My degree project is a stand-alone short film and a chapter from a comic in the making.

Page 14 from chapter 6 of the webcomic Quiet~Crowd
Tilde and Sara, making up game rules
Photo: Linus Remahl
Actors: Josefin Glaadh & Shin Mustafa
Tilde catching the metro
Photo: Per Hasselström & Linus Remahl
Actor: Josefin Glaadh