21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Siri Hagerfors

Sweden, b. 1985
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Typographic Being: What happens to a memory when the person sharing the memory no longer remembers or no longer exists?

How can memories be translated into something visual and how can the visual help to recapture memories? Through Typographic senses Tactile memories, I explore how memories can be visualised by using our senses. How does a memory feel? Can I make it stay if it can be touched? How can I share my experience of connection and closeness with someone who wasn’t there?

The isolation and loss of closeness that has arisen due to the pandemic has given me a need for peace. The animation and the typographic experiments provide a closeness to something that I was about to lose. A reminder of that which I must not forget and which helps me to remain in the now.