Letters from Utopia

I feel I can tap into an almost boundless amount of energy and enthusiasm for working with letters. I’m not sure I want to be a type designer, but often when I should be working on something else, it’s what I’ll be doing instead. Each character represents a moment of joy and escape. I’ve come to call this unorthodox work ethic procrastiworking. It’s not quite leisure, but not quite work either. Maybe it’s what I would do in a world without work.

The fruits of my labour (?) are a collection of typefaces exploring ideas around eclecticism and ornamentation. They are given room to play in a printed specimen. Here, they mingle and interrupt, overlay and embrace. Freeing itself from its functional shackles by quickly jumping over lazy pangrams, the specimen instead embraces the free-form logic of collage.

To me, these letters are manifestations of what could be — letters from Utopia.