21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Jetty Sporken

The Ungrievables

The Ungrievables examines the treatment of commodified animals. The design originates from the definition of plankton as a “diverse collection of organisms that are unable to propel themselves against a current”. Within this definition, I found a metaphor for animals that are bred into a system of captivity, in which they have no agency and from which they can never escape.

The being is presented in an idyllic world, one that fits their body and life, as well as in a dystopian world, devoid of comfort or hope. I use this juxtaposition to highlight the struggles faced by commodified animals, struggles which are often hidden.

I present the experiences and constraints of the being with non-literal, but comprehensible situations. This way, the specific becomes universal. The unplaceable being becomes a representative for all who do not control their lives. They represent those whose lives do not count as lives at all, those who are not grieved.