21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Frederikke Becher

Denmark, b. 1993
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Compost Compendium

I collect things; I chew them up. I put them into a pile and they merge. Snippets of texts, a note in the margin, screenshots and ornaments rub against each other until they become something else. A fertiliser from which new ideas can grow.

The seed of this project was a climate crisis related numbness: I felt stuck between individual responsibility and powerlessness, between wanting immediate restorative action and realising the need for deeper systematic change. I began digging into the history of the western view of nature, tracing its dark roots.

Now, two years later, I re-emerge and I want to share my findings. Using collage as a visual translation of the compost pile, my degree project is an expression of multiple voices, exemplifying the need for collective thinking and action in these matters.

With the Compost Compendium, I hope to offer a collection of entry points into a reimagining of the relationship we have with the ecologies in and around us. I have filled it with things that have inspired me, angered me, puzzled me, made me smarter, made me laugh, made me want to get my hands dirty.

I invite my reader to go foraging and collect their own pile. Dive into it and share it with a friend.