21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Beatriz Costa

Lines of Thought — Drawing Seeing Talking Feeling

“Drawing” is a noun, “drawing” is a verb. A drawing is not only a finished visual expression but also an action; the exploration and expression of a thought on a surface.

What if we communicated more through drawings? What if we could read them? What if we could name lines and say words about why we liked them? And what if everyone felt empowered to do it?

Lines of Thought is a graphic essay about visual literacy and graphic communication, a theory and practice book to enable people to draw, appreciate images, and develop aesthetic taste and critique.

My degree project comes from my own passion for drawing, visual culture, and graphic arts education. I wish to share this passion with a broad audience by exploring philosophically what it takes to draw and look at images and how it can be made more democratic, not just reserved for a few.

In the exhibition space, I hope you get to experience an environment of pure experimentation and filled with the joy of learning; a public space for you to draw, read the accompanying book and talk with others about your experiences with drawn images.

Illustrations from the comic book “Lines of Thought – drawing, seeing, talking, feeling”

picture from Exhibition Space by Horia Stan

scanned pages from the book “Lines of Thought – drawing, seeing, talking, feeling”