21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Sofia Priftis

Sweden, b. 1984
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The Dream Institute

The machines that would free us from labour, got us to step up the pace. We are too tired to think ourselves out of our box. We must rest to wake up, sleep to dream. Dream up* new possibilities, to be able to change our tempo and our community. We must share the dreams to make them stick in our collective consciousness, to make them real.

This degree project is about collective dreaming and rest in public. It departs from our modern grind culture.** We met the tempo of the machines and became machine-like ourselves.

The Dream Institute invites rest through poetic interventions and challenges the way that we relate to each other.

Can the nap lure us out of the hamster wheel and change the way we live?

*Dream up: Something that arises from a dream and thereby starts to exist.
**Grind culture: A culture of performance-based self-esteem, characterised by workaholism.