21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Martín Inostroza

Sweden, b. 1987
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The City, The Forest and The Space Inbetween

It’s about geometry. How something looks and is shaped, how much it weighs and where it is placed. But also, the kind of material it is and how it feels and is experienced. For my degree project, I have chosen to examine the material salt.

My opinion is that salt as a material can intertwine relationships between the city, the landscape and what is in between; that is man, nature and animal, all a relation to salt. Salt is needed otherwise we cannot exist; we need each other otherwise we cannot survive. Salt is changeable; it dissolves when it gets wet and it crystallises when it dries. My work is about using the properties of salt to create objects that speak to both humans and animals. The result is a communicative object shaped through the interaction of man, animal and nature.

When rain and wind encounter the salt stone, a process begins where the salt slowly but surely moves down over the piece of pine. The animals seek out the salt stone. With the help of their tongues the salt is removed from the stone; the sculptural form finds expression.

In my work, I want to create conditions for an animal-inclusive design where the salt’s ability to change is used for the purpose of design. The location of the modular objects are intended to capture people’s attention. Then the crystals from the salt reflect light, creating a piece of furniture that gives the illusion of a floating island.