21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Cornelia Hasselrot

Hope of the remains

My degree project Hope of the Remains deals with urban development from a spatial design perspective, using the Lövholmen area as a starting point. How can the existing properties and the cultural heritage that exists on the site be preserved? Lövholmen bears an industrial history while also having a prominent art and design identity. How can public space be preserved within the future residential area planned at Lövholmen? This project explores the interior architect’s role and responsibility in urban development.

The project develops a concept and idea for the future of industrial properties that are currently empty. The idea is based on the property Nitrolack designed by the architects Nils Tesch and Lars Magnus Giertz for AB Wilh. Becker’s paint factory, built between 1943-44. What could the preservation of the property look like with new functions that are relevant to our time? My degree project investigates nesting as a phenomenon and its significance in these types of large spaces that hold qualities and challenges. How can colour and shape, as well as mass and voids be formed?


Parallel projection

Materials and colors



Cornelia by the table, Photo: Johan Tunebjer

Table, Photo: Johan Tunebjer