21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Agnes Elvin

Sweden, b. 1993
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Digiteriors and the emotional being

Emotions of different kinds and levels of intensity are inhabiting our bodies and minds at all times throughout our lives. Emotions affect our behaviour, perception, abilities and needs, yet modern interiors are consistent in a way that neither reflects nor meets these variations in one’s emotional status.

The need for interior change is growing as we live in a time and place where we inevitably have to lead more stationary lives, yet our need for variation is what is leading us to this point. Perhaps the answer isn’t to stop making changes to our surroundings, but to change the processes in how we make these changes.

Using AR technology, my degree project explores the potential of introducing flexible digital layers to our static analogue interiors. The concept of Digiteriors speculates on sustainable and alternative ways of influencing interiors, as well as being a way to spatially express and experience one’s emotions.