South Africa, b. 1988
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The Collective Midstream / The Midstream Collective

Everything is midstream. Upstream and downstream do not exist as beginnings or endings in that something is always upstream or downstream of something else ad infinitum.

Of course, this relative positioning exists in multiple directions; paths divide, lengthen, cross and dissolve into an infinite network of relationships between human, more-than-human and mineral. This is the “collective midstream” — or the “midstream collective” when participants are active — and it warps and spans across the scales of space and time and subjective experiences thereof.

By applying this philosophy to mycoremediation and mycofiltration* strategies of and on a snow dump site in Stockholm, my degree project calls into question the relationship between urban humans and urban stormwater. It is a critical inquiry through a hydrophilic feminist lens which waterjets through the impermeable mental barrier between humans and the majority of their material being.

*soil remediation and water filtration using the degradation capabilities of fungi.

How do you experience time?

How can we hold each other through changes of phase?, Photo: Fredrik Sandin Carlson

Simplified system maps (what is vs. what can be)

A complex question (detail from spring exhibition)

Explanatory sketch for proposed subsurface mycofiltration net