Sweden, b. 1993
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The Curious Bagatelle of /Care/ and /Authority/

It all started with my father showing me a wood treatment technique which had previously been unknown to me. It made me curious and I wanted to learn more. I knew nothing about this simple yet so beautiful technique. Neither did my father.

By using practical modelling and practical thinking, I have investigated the theoretical core of my degree project; what effects do different ratios of care and authority in the practices of designers and architects have on their projects? How should they, and I, balance these two aspects while practicing?

By converting this simple craft technique into a semi-industrial production, I challenged myself to test various ratios. This exercise proved to be a valuable test-bed for surveying how different ratios and different priorities generate different end results.

The surface material I’m exhibiting in Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2022 is an example of how this approach can be brought into my future architectural practice.