Closer to the walker

Improving senior citizens’ mobility in an urban environment

The walker is today a well-used and for some an indispensable aid. With the help of a walker, a person can experience a greater sense of independence, freedom and an increased social life. Humans are living longer lives. More than ever, there is a pertinence for new and improved products based on people’s needs.

Rather than expecting users to adjust their behaviour according to what is available, my design process makes design decisions based on how people can, need and want to use the product. In my degree project, I explore users’ needs, desires, and abilities, by implementing a human-centred approach to make a user-friendly walker which aligns functions to needs.

Rendering, the walker, including folded visualisation

Rendering, walker in side view

Rendering, closeup of honeycomb tyres, reducing vibrations

Users walking outside with the walker