United Kingdom, b. 1987
+44 7891 422 488
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The Mythic Sense of Self

Within my practice, I focus on themes such as myth, transition and narrative within the sense of self. By looking into personal mythology, I have explored ways of representing the symbologies of the inner mindscape. Having combined these ideas into the methodology of my materials, I have deepened my perception of what a material means.

The aim of my degree project is to generate more meaning, connection, and community, by sharing the metaphorical space with others.

The folkloric aspects of my work are a way of representing the threads of what makes us human, binding us to our ancestorial histories. This is a place of the imagination, one where the viewer can manifest or project themselves into the work in order to build their own narrative.

Birch Host

Mind and manifestation

Little Devil