Sweden, b. 1986
Exhibition: 21-27 May

The Pedagogical Room – An Obsolete Thought or a Necessity

During the ordeal of the recent pandemic, many of us have been forced to adjust to new ways of managing work, social interaction and education. Throughout all of this, I have been a student and teacher in both the digital and physical learning spaces.
As a teacher, my greatest fears have been the well-being of my students and their perception of their own education.
As a student, my main focus has been on the quality of my own education (or lack thereof) and my own declining enthusiasm for it.

For this degree project, I aim to study the necessity or redundancy of the pedagogical learning space as a physical experience. Is the very idea of the classroom enough to uphold learning? Or is the digital space merely a temporary replacement, before we return to normal?

The pedagogical perception, a school curriculum