Egypt, b. 1985
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Woman Is My Last Name

My degree project is a visual diary of the past 3 years of my life. I present it in the format of an animated short film. It revolves around my experiences as a woman, as a divorcée, as an immigrant in Europe, and as an art student. What does a life lived beyond the scripts we are given, look like?

Woman is my last name لقبي امرأة is a celebration of the full spectrum of womanhood, from the complex vulnerability to the invisible strength.

In the patriarchal culture, in which I have been raised, my last name can only be the name of my father and forefathers. With my title, I wish to break from structural, cultural and emotional dependencies and instead stand in my own right, with my own name.

Still from the stop motion film

Still from the stop motion film

Exhibition space

Film poster

Sequences from the stop motion film (film duration: 6 mins)