21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Amandah Andersson

Elastica Symbiotica - In Search For the Garden of Fiber Delights

I found a shape
A shape to follow
Into the Garden
Of Fibre Delights
Adventure awaits
Just follow
The fibres
The threads
Whatever comes, may be
What does not, may fade
Road maps
Rabbit holes
Stretch back
To the core
To the soul
Of value
And Light
Across the border
Into the Garden of
Fibre Delights

In an intimate relationship with the flat-bed knitting machine, the Garden of Fibre Delights explores the power of following your inner resonance as a method for reducing stress during the healing process following burnouts. This degree project intends to act as a reminder to take care of your inner garden, as well as the communal garden between and around us. What can craft teach us about slowing down, and making space for new life to grow?

Detail of knitwork (2022). Material used are flax, lurex, elastane, reflective yarn, UV-yarn, and glowing in the dark yarns.