21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Queenning Zhao

Sweden, b. 1994
Exhibition: 21-27 May

I Am Here, Yet Somewhere Else

New spaces open up when you lose someone. Something falls apart and becomes something else. A disappearance is the beginning of an emergence. The rocks and the ground are the anchor of my memory. The ground holds up life and buries the dead, a carrier of time.

This is about mourning the loss of my nai nai* and the spaces that have opened up during the process. Through personal experience and by mapping my psychogeography, my work deals with memories, places and materia; the translation between the immaterial and material things, and how to use them to tell stories in a larger narrative.

A dichotomy between brokenness and wholeness—from then to now and from there to here.

*paternal grandmother in Mandarin

Memory carrier: the dogs from nai nai.

Beneath the granite slabs: nai nai and grandfathers grave.