21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Nadia Smedeland

Sweden, b. 1991
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Tactile stories

In today’s western society, a constantly moving technological evolution has brought changes to how we relate to our bodies, our built environment and our planet.

We are becoming increasingly detached.
Detached from practical knowledge.
Detached from the process of making.
Detached from our own bodies as a collective force.
A collective force of inhabited, embedded and embodied knowledge.

In this process, I think we are detaching ourselves from being a human being in this world, allowing ourselves to become separated.

In this separation, I also believe we are losing the ability to care and connect. The further away we move the embodied knowledge from us and the less we value it, the less we let it touch us.

When our bodies carry and act from embodied knowledge, we speak another language. Without words we communicate and take part in a historical conversation together with countless bodies before us. Through the act of form-making, we meet in tactile stories.

Detail chair prototype no. 1

Archive of process for chair prototyping

Detail from my collection of embodied memories from an act of learning

Chair prototype no. 2

Installation “Tactile stories” for Konstfack degree exhibit 2022

Installation “Tactile stories” for Konstfack degree exhibit 2022