21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Malin Glännestrand

Sweden, b. 1983
+46 709647522
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Where something goes up, something else goes down.

My experience is that textiles in spatial and architectural contexts are often something added afterwards to adjust things that the building process has not considered, such as sound and light or at least decoration. But other materials such as glass have an obvious position and part in the definition of that space. Can our valuation of the textiles in a room be due to a hierarchical ordering of different materials?

In order to question our perception of the potential of textiles, for my degree project, I have chosen to work with glass while using textile techniques. Employing materials such as fibreglass, window glass, copper wire and carbon fibre, I have used knitting, weaving and sewing. The objects were then merged in a fusing kiln into stable components at 800-900 degrees Celsius. Each part is assembled into a larger installation that relates to the spatial scale, rather than the dimensions of our bodies.