21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Anna Märta Danielsson

Grime on a Mountain of Haze

I have made an effort to resist the exciting idea of finding new solutions to old problems. Design is just a reshaping of matter. By making a full-scale model and working with the concept of patience as a method for designing or as design solution in itself, I am designing patience to see how time changes spatially or how space changes with time. This is a vague space, and what is vague is not clearly defined, it is ambiguous and compared to the strict architectural programme, the vague space becomes harder to fit into a system of what and why. A vague space wanders and is hard to grasp. Do we become more aware of what is considered deviant when we are uncertain? How do we capture this moment?

“Vague as motion resists categories, boundaries, calculations and identities. Vague is what moves to escape these determinations and gives its name to the spaces through which such resistance occurs”. (P. Carney & V. Miller, 2009, p.3)

hot air meeting cold
radiator - an elemental space

a portal / the door, Photo: Ekaterina Lukoshkova

imprecise instruments of vague spaces, Photo: Ekaterina Lukoshkova

imprecise instruments of vague spaces

under the basin, Photo: Ekaterina Lukoshkova