21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Laura Thorsgaard Kjær

Denmark, b. 1992
Exhibition: 21-27 May

Super Superficial

My degree project takes my own practice as its starting point. Being someone who expresses themselves through physical objects, working with sustainability is a given for me. Therefore, my former mantra when creating was to “do as little harm as possible. But during the master’s programme, I felt the need to rethink this. Where was the joy of creating? Where was the hope? The complexity? All the things I wish to pass on to the people who come in contact with my work. The things we need for real change to happen.

I wanted to expand my idea of sustainability to not only be a question of materials, but to also include the emotional impact that my creations can have. My goal was to realise a visual world that I dream of inhabiting.

Just as the realm of emotions is often regarded as unserious subject matter, the surface on a piece of furniture is seen by many as superficial. But the surface is where we encounter an object, and this meeting place is where my ideas come to life.

Working with colour and ornamentation, I have created a collection of furniture; a lounge chair and companion pieces. With them, I have reclaimed the surface as an actualised place of power and change.