Czech Republic, b. 1996
Exhibition: 21-27 May


We dispose of things when they fall out of style, when tastes change, when they break or when we can no longer find a use for them. Sometimes, we sell things when we see value in them. Sometimes we recycle. Sometimes we feed the landfill — the meeting point for materials that have lost their utility. Many of them have the potential to serve their use much longer than having just one life as one object.

With my degree project, I investigate what role disassembly plays in the lifespan of a material. Can it support the recovery of and a meaningful subsequent use for matter? Whose responsibility is to take care of an object’s afterlife? By researching the possibilities of exchanging fixed pieces of joinery for detachable ones, my degree project reinvents the way we attach materials based on forces such as tension, pressure and gravity. Can joinery invite us to disassemble?

the assembling of a pendant, Photo: Fredrik Sandin

material layering, Photo: Marketa Stenclova

degree show 2022, Photo: Marketa Stenclova

floor lamp, Photo: Fredrik Sandin Carlson

joint detail, Photo: Marketa Stenclova

the assembly station, Photo: Marketa Stenclova