Sweden, b. 1992
Exhibition: 21-27 May

VETT. - “Common sense”

Alternative methods of extending the life of textiles.

Why do we wash clean clothes?
92% of the garments we wash, we wash unnecessarily. Many garments are washed after just one use, sweat is the main reason. If we extended the life of the garment by one year, we would reduce its carbon footprint by 25%.

This project focuses on how we can practice washing less, by identifying behaviour patterns, material research in textiles and circular design in product development. Last but not least it is a close study of a product category and how it can be developed.

VETT. Absorbs and protects your clothes from sweat, which encourages you to reuse the garment. VETT. Is designed based on careful and responsible choices. Do you take responsibility for your clothes, their life span and the footprint your washing makes? Will you continue washing your clean clothes?