21–27 May Masters and Teacher Education

Niklas Delin

Sweden, b. 1989
Exhibition: 21-27 May

At the End of the Avenue

It’s often in the meeting between light and shadow that my interest in the subject is awakened, that makes me want to paint it. The contrast between them creates two separate worlds of colour that are intensified in relation to one another.

In my translation from photography and experience to painting, I align the image in relation to the painting’s format. And in relation to its two-dimensionality, a depth arises in the colours that meet, at the same time as their surfaces are obviously flat next to one another.

The depiction is just as much a testimony, a short story in which I highlight that which is important to me in the reproduction of the subject, as a reaction to the simplification of the photograph and as a purely pictorial act, a consideration of the paint and the qualities of the panel.

It is when the paintings meet that I feel something happen. When the seemingly different expressions communicate and they prove to share a language.

Pine tree no.4. 2022. Oil and acrylic on mdf. 186 x 125 cm.