Maria Lantz’s words

Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2022
Nourishment for Peace and Freedom

When conflict and violence cast their shadow over the world, every artistic expression is inherently an element of resistance to authoritarianism, war and oppression. Arts, crafts, design, visual arts and sloyd education manifest freedom of expression by permitting fantasy, expressing emotions and ideas and creating dialogue. This is fundamental in a world in which the number of democratic nations is decreasing. It is with pride and respect for artistic freedom that Konstfack throws its doors open and exhibits the works of 188 degree students – our contribution to the open society of which we are a part. Here, the separate parts come together to create a whole; a rainbow that spans issues and subjects at all stages of life. Invention, beauty, criticism, dystopias, consolation, contemplation, deep insights and exuberant humour nourish our lives and the peace and freedom we so fervently cherish.

/ Maria Lantz, Konstfack’s Vice Chancellor