7–13 May Bachelors

Micael de Leeuw

The Translations

Rapid movements turn into drawings, new layers — a cycle of adding and subtracting. Analog and digital preparations that circulates until the unpredictable feeling arises, which tells me that it is time for the last physical image translation, in the tufted material — soft paintings made of wool, mohair and tencel is what I have been working with during my last time at Konstfack in parallel with my essay which is about the process of creation and the relationship between the self and creation. (which becomes personified, a we, a you and I)

To create, to want to linger in a kind of flow, a postponement, and then, creation as consumption, all that must inexorably end, which can not be extended forever, the separation always comes, often before it is discovered. we become me, and the sorrow that comes with it.