7–13 May Bachelors

Silva Zander

Sweden, b. 1999
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Forest Light

It’s one o’clock in the morning and you’re in bed, stressed about tomorrow. You use your phone to easily turn on the lamp dimmer timer and choose your favourite colour to fall asleep to. The collection of Swedish nature sounds on the accompanying website fill the bedroom and you put away your phone. The light that filters through the wooden lampshade has a calming effect. You imagine a sunset in the summer forest, you relax and fall asleep.

The luminaire Forest Light is created from wood harvested using the Lübeck model, which focuses on biological diversity. Forest Light has been made with circular design in mind, and is easy to disassemble and reassemble. The main intended user group consists of people who suffer from insomnia.

For my degree project, I am designing a forest-themed luminaire, which creates a relaxing, calm environment before sleep, by using sound, light and materiality. The sustainability of the product and its production, and the forest’s biological diversity are important to me.