7–13 May Bachelors

Linn Hammarberg

Sweden, b. 1996
Exhibition: 7–13 May


In my degree project, I explore the relationship between human and object, and how we can encourage empathy towards abiotic (non-living) objects through design. I have taken a closer look at concepts such as animism and anthropomorphism, what makes certain things read as human, and why we have an easier time connecting with things when we can relate to them.

An overall theme within this project is something I have chosen to call emotional sustainability. Normally when talking about sustainable design, we focus on what happens to the products when they no longer serve us. We look at how to disassemble and recycle them, what material they are made from and how to best reuse it in new products. But what would happen if we put just as much value into the product’s life as we do into its death?

Using form and function, I wanted to create an emotional relationship between product and user. Light fixtures on the themes of anthropomorphism and empathy are the result, where each individual lamp has its own bright personality.

Anthropolumen – a small collection of interactive lamps. Photo: Fredrik Sandin Carlson

Material chart (made with Rhino and KeyShot)

Programming with Arduino UNO. Photo: Vishnu Mohanan

Get to know the personalitites.

Final prototype. Photo: Fredrik Sandin Carlson