7–13 May Bachelors

Kristin Wästberg

Sweden, b. 1996
Exhibition: 7–13 May


Algae are marvellous organisms. They are the foundation of the food chain of the oceans and seas. Algae produce about half of all the oxygen on earth and have the ability to absorb CO2 from the air. Without a doubt, one can say that algae creates the basic needs for life on our planet.

The microalgae Spirulina is known for its highly concentrated nutritional value, which includes proteins, vitamins and minerals. Consuming Spirulina has great health benefits for humans and animals. Traditionally, Spirulina has been cultivated in Lake Chad in Central Africa and it is also cultivated on the International Space Station as food for astronauts. My degree project explores how microalgae can be a part of our everyday lives and how it can have a place in our homes. 

Algaeponic is an interior product for cultivating and harvesting Spirulina. Algaeponic benefits both the user by providing nutrition, and also the earth with its CO2 absorbing qualities and by delivering on the high demand for change towards more sustainable and locally-produced food. The project wants to encourage a symbiotic relationship with microalgae, where they benefit from our CO2 emissions and we receive oxygen and nutritional biomass.

Photo: Wilma Wågelöf

Photo: Kristin Wästberg

Photo: Kristin Wästberg

Photo: Fredrik Sandin Carlson