7–13 May Bachelors

Gustav Sturk

Sweden, b. 1997
Exhibition: 7–13 May


Reducing the fear of anesthesia through playfulness

When a child has to undergo an operation, they always receive some type of anesthesia. Which means that the child is anesthetized intravenously or with gas from a face mask. However, there are problems that can occur for children that usually come in the form of stress and anxiety. This may be the cause of previous bad experiences in hospitals or no experiences at all, where everything is new and foreign. My design proposal Flow Jr. is a playful educational tool that will encourage the child to explore and play through their stay at the hospital. Flow Jr. will be placed in a waiting room at a hospital, where the idea is that the child will have an opportunity to prepare for their operation through exploration and playfulness.

Flow Jr.

Väntrum på sjukhus


Skala på Flow Jr. och Flow-e

Bild med barn