Sweden, b. 1988
Exhibition: 7–13 May

A Lush Connection

Historical, contemporary and future fragments from and for Bredäng

Design for and with Bredäng.

Public furniture can be seen as something shared, but also as an extension of the private. In my degree project, I design an extension of home, school and work – a room and a piece of furniture for meetings in the public space.

I have chosen to focus on the suburb Bredäng, in both its current and historical contexts. Bredäng is a late-modernist district in southern Stockholm – a child of its time, with characteristic architectural elements in a rolling landscape near the coast. Something that I think makes the neighbourhood striking.

The piece of furniture becomes unique for Bredäng and alludes to both the architecture and the local urban planning. It forms a spatial installation in which residents are given a clearer connection to their local environment, which is also in a neutral place where the shared takes precedence over the subjective.

The installation is located along the Norsborgsstråket walking path, which stretches from the Old Town to Norsborg, thus becoming a geographic compass both for and into Bredäng.