Sweden, b. 1997
+46 734 344 890
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Memorial Furniture

In my degree project, I work with memory, place and identity. Nature and man both create patterns in nature in different ways that leave memories and stories behind. With my connections to Dalsland, I have taken a closer look at the landscape’s patterns in nature.

At the bottom of Lake Vänern, the water has formed the sandy bottom into a wave pattern. In a 3D-program, I have drawn this sand pattern, which is based on a photograph I took. This pattern was then milled out onto MDF boards using a CNC machine; from this I built a cabinet. Usually, sand lies horizontally along the bottom, so I did the opposite and placed the sand vertically and applied it onto furniture. With the degree project, I want to be able to reconstruct and pay tribute to nature’s beautiful patterns.

The furniture has found its place in an old paper factory that carries many memories and stories. In the factory’s largest room with the finest windows, I have placed the furniture digitally. This context influences my design process because it helps and enhances the story of the furniture.

Skåp framifrån

Skåp bakifrån

Vita Sannar, Mellerud, Dalsland