Sweden, b. 1998
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Steel Traces

I make my way back to my hometown of Luleå, a metallurgic centre that is sometimes colloquially referred to as the ‘Steel City’. I visit the steel industry giant SSAB with my dad, who has worked here for as long as I can remember. An exchange of knowledge takes place between us as we walk side by side – he talks and I listen.

While there, I examine the Swedish steel material and its manufacturing process. Steel, a material that is all around us and that we come into daily contact with, is also a material that many people know little about. In my degree project, I examine how my design can convey the identity of a steel industry by collecting, displaying and transforming materials from its production. With steel and waste pieces of steel, I design spatial objects with the hope of creating truer insight into the material origin and manufacturing of steel.