Sweden, b. 1997
073-64 29 655
Exhibition: 7–13 May

An A-Z of (fun) Type Terms

Dear Letters
Unlearning the typographic rules which I never learned anyway 
is a publication where letters, together with words and an introductory manifesto, create a place where the focus is on letters.

In my degree project, I have investigated whether it is possible to work typographically, without having a traditional premise, to question rules and norms. Is there space for sensitive letters? By using various methods, analogue and digital, I have worked with letters in my practical research on how to make it less intimidating to work with typography. I have invited other designers to help me think and write down what has become the foundation of a manifesto which is combined with an ensemble of words, associated with letters and typography, that constitutes the publication.

My hope is to work out methods and create letters based on imagination, desire and freedom, as a means to open up to what typography and letters could be.

Yours truly,