Sweden, b. 1996
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Dear Lotte,

My degree project departs from those in my family who perished or had to flee during the Holocaust. My grandmother Kicki and her brother Peter came to Sweden as child refugees. They lost their whole family, among them their mother Lotte and little sister Eva.

The project stems from the few pieces of memorabilia we have left of them — a letter and a couple of photos. This work is an attempt to get closer to them. I’ve been focusing on Lotte, my great grandmother, who made the largest sacrifice a mother can make, by sending her children away, and with this action, saving them. We know very little about Lotte, even though we have her to thank that we are here today.

By using scrapbooking as a graphic method, I’ve been working with the little material we have. The purpose is to try to see more than what meets the eye, with the hope of at least getting to know a part of her. It is a queering of the family album as an object, and an exploration of if it is possible to create an album based on such a limited material, and without memories to fill it with.