7–13 May Bachelors

Amanda Islam Gustafsson

Sweden, b. 1999
+46 723665649
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Apocalypse fatigue

I like to get inspired by different natural organisms and life forms. I approach them as agent entities for me to channel and to act for them as a vessel. Apocalypse Fatigue is both an exploration of my own artistic practice, by attempting to create works from a nonhuman-centric perspective and investigating how different entities can be co-creators, and an exploration of its sustainability. It is also an attempt to approach nature as a direct actor to create multiple narratives regarding climate change. Taking the perspective of another organism allows me to imagine alternative ways of being in the world, and through them, I can explore my own emotions and artistic visions, or reflect on social issues with a fresh perspective. In a wider way, my work tries to challenge, modestly, dominant world views and presents an alternative to the apocalyptic narratives so often mobilised when speaking about climate change.