7–13 May Bachelors

Manju Jatta

Sweden, b. 1990
Exhibition: 7–13 May


My work is born in the creation of worlds, often fantasy worlds. Fantasy is, for me, a way of approaching and examining parts of Swedish history, areas, places and spaces that we find ourselves in. A world can be as small as a seashell or as large as an endless forest. My work consists of depictions of beings, persons, objects and places within these worlds.

Storytelling and the narrative tradition are important components of my degree project. Each work has its inherent origin stories. But I am also interested in what the works tell together with each other and in the places they are doing the telling in. What conversations arise.

My art wants to be like tree resin. The capacity of resin to transport things through time, its capacity to heal wounds. It has the ability to be warm and smooth as amber, but also cold and sticky.