7–13 May Bachelors

Kassandra Widmark Utas

Sweden, b. 1987
0046 707684505
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Emotional Furniture

I am interested in the object’s existence in human environments. My degree project is about the relationship between human, space and object, about physical volume and aesthetic resonance. It is these tensions that I examine.

Through spatial designs in which I equate the aesthetic function with the practical function, I challenge human expectations of our surroundings. I strive to rediscover and reassess the way a spatial object should serve me as a human and what my physical existence in relation to the object means.

Essential in my process is the refining of the sketch, the freezing of a moment and refining it into an elevated material. In this creation, I have used Styrofoam, a packaging material as a sketching material to sculpt my originals in. A modern by-product whose normal intended function is to enclose and protect other, more important, objects.
I have then cast the Styrofoam sculptures in glass and glued the parts together using UV light.

The work is dedicated to my grandmother Malou, who transformed scrap into diamonds, bubble wrap into wedding dresses, and turnips into Nobel Banquets.