7–13 May Bachelors

Sanne Lovén Rolén

I Am a Cow

Why a cow? A simple question, one might think, yet difficult to answer somehow.

In my degree project, I build a home for a cow. Give the cow somewhere to live. The home is decorated with things normally associated with the home of a person: carpets, pictures, table, chair and a pleasantly glowing kitchen lamp. I let the cow assume the space we humans take for granted every day.

What we currently see as normal – that men earn more than women, dogs have to have leads while cats run loose, cows give us milk, and murder reports fill our televisions every week on the Sunday morning news – do not need to be the norm. In a hundred years, maybe the President of the United States is named Rosa and is a cow?

Besides questioning hierarchies between animals and people, I let my careless, naïvist expression take space, and thereby also aim to expose the hierarchy between art and craft.