7–13 May Bachelors

Nikola Despotovic

Sweden, b. 1998
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Work It Out

In my degree project, I explore the possibilities of designing exercise equipment that works both functionally and aesthetically in a home environment.

Physical exercise is an essential part of life, to say the least. A lack of exercise can lead to everything from depression to a number of other types of illnesses, such as heart disease. Neglecting your workout routine is very common and can happen to the most experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The past two years have forced us as a society to stay at home, to work from home, and even to work out from home. There are many reasons why someone might want to exercise at home instead of at a gym. Whether it’s about convenience (no travelling required), privacy (no fear of other people judging you), or what we have seen over the past two years: the fact that we must stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Working out at home is therefore a very relevant option for staying in shape in today’s society.