7–13 May Bachelors

Maria Bennani-Smires

Sweden, b. 1994
Exhibition: 7–13 May


This is a Co-designed project that is a collaboration between me and my mother Souad Charaf.

We have with the help of tools made by Charles Windlin from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) studied how tactile feedback trough vibration can enhance sensations of height to create an harmony in movements.

The idea was to use vibration patterns and placements designed and chosen with Souad that could give a higher sense of quality in movements during her everyday movement practices.

The project has resulted in tactile vibrating accessories that communicate height and body placement through her custom-made patterns of vibration-based feedback.

We decided to use re-moldable bioplastic as the material in this product. This is due to its future change of body placements throughout the usage phase in this tactile experience study.

This is a conceptual project in which tech and biomaterials are merged to explore the possibilities of tools that could enhance senses.