7–13 May Bachelors

Lovisa Ingman

Sweden, b. 1992
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Afterlife Life

In my degree project, I have dived into the complex and problematic world of plastic in an attempt to understand it, and how its linear life can be bent into a circular one. I have researched what this new, recycled material can give us that the other material does not. The project is an example of what we can do with plastic after its first life, to show that it can have several lives.

It took a few weeks before I saw where the internal conflict came from. I had done everything to keep the two materials apart, to keep the plastic panels away from the cover plastic and vice versa, to make them into two separate objects.

I thought it was necessary, that I was not allowed to bring them together, but individually I could not succeed in terms of form. The panels were too flat and angular. The cover plastic was too soft and erratic without structure. They needed each other!

The straight and hard material would of course hold the organic and soft. It would support and be the framework that securely embraced it. The thin, almost transparent one would round the corners, spread out in the frame, rest with the lines as support. My task was to find balance in the combination of opposites and contrasts. I had to build the world where they could live together in harmony. Together but not joined. Each their own, but absolutely together.

To Mom and Dad.