Sweden, b. 1993
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Kiosk 2.0

In my degree project, I explore the kiosk as place, phenomenon and building. A place that exists right in the middle of us, but which is often an overlooked opportunity for exciting architecture.

My work is enacted in Stockholm, where the kiosk has a long history and where it has continuously adapted to our needs. From a place for thirsty Stockholmers to have a drink at the turn of the previous century, to French-fry stands in the 1970s, and on to today’s Thai kitchen transformation. These are changes in needs that also affect the architecture.

By more closely examining this history and the materials, dimensions and architectural qualities that the kiosks have in common, I substantiate my proposal for Stockholm’s next kiosk.

In my artistic practice, I combine an interest in the international architecture of the 1930s and 50s with a passionate interest in furniture design, geometry and material. With the hope of calling attention to the kiosk and its opportunity for exciting architecture in our city.